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The Predicative Constructions with Non-Finite Forms of the Verbs. The Predicative Infinitive Constructions. The Objective-with-the-Infinitive Construction. 11 апр 2015 The finite and non-finite forms of the English verb have a number of features in common, but at the same time they have a number of differences. 8 май 2015 Работа по теме: учебник_правка. Глава: Non-finite forms of the verb. ВУЗ: ЮУрГУ. 20 мар 2015 Работа по теме: Теоретическая грамматика-учебник. Глава: 17. The dual nature of non-finite forms of the verb. Morphological categories. Non-finite forms of the verbs. Поделиться. Уровень образования, Высшее образование. Тип, Реферат. Описание, Ushbu referatda fe'l va uning shakllari. Non-finite verb forms do not show tense, person or number. Typically they are infinitive forms with and without to (e.g. to go, go), -ing forms and -ed forms (e.g. The Infinitive, the Gerund and the Participle are the non-finite forms of the verb ( the verbals). The verbals are forms of the verb, but they have peculiarities of their. Ilyish states that not a single word in Modern English shows any peculiarities in its The common categories for finite and non-finite forms are voice, aspect. Рефераты и конспекты лекций по географии, физике, химии, истории, биологии. Неличные формы глагола (Non-Finite Forms of the Verb). 19 окт 2015 Non-finite forms of the verb: general characteristics. Besides personal or finite forms of the verb that perform in the sentence the function.